Intrinsically Safe:
The Spartan Light is designed to be intrinsically safe because we
combine an epoxy coated LED with a switch that is encapsulated by an airtight
rubber boot. The electronic circuit is completely sealed within the chassis, making
it incapable of creating a spark. We highly recommend using proven batteries such
as Duracell or Energizer.

Why do I need a new shield?
We had to reconfigure the upper and lower panels of the existing shield to make
room for the the Spartan Light to fit properly.

Guarantee Information:
Free lifetime lens replacement. Our 5 year chassis guarantee protects against
breakage or defects in workmanship. The guarantee is void if the product is damaged
beyond normal wear and tear. Spartan Technologies liability is limited to the chassis
only. Any liability is limited to the replacement of the original product.


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3 years on Chassis Lifetime on LENS 

260 Lumens


The Spartan Light was designed to form-fit behind the Firefighter's helmet leather shield. The Spartan Light saves lives by creating a safer work environment for firefighters by improving their vision and visibility. Experience the most innovative L.E.D. today.